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Experiment | Graduate Thesis Project

[work in progress]



Cyberdada is a response and a solution to the two changeless attitudes towards technology: tech=good and tech=threat.
How can our society evolve to the next stage? We need creativity and evolution. When it comes to evolution, we think about the fish’s success in evolving into flying birds after millions of years. It seems nonsensical at the beginning, but the history of evolution has always been led by nonsensical pioneers. Nonsense is the core of both creativity and evolution.

Art and design can promote the idea of engaging technology in a nonsensical way, which will inspire and ultimately provoke new attitudes towards the relationship between tech, humans, and our future; transcending commonsense and establishing new attitudes.

We are Cyberdada because the other attitudes towards technology are denial and despair.
Visual Elements Development

Echoing to the nonsensical core of cyberdada, I experimented with coding to get my visual language. I wrote a code reading the skeleton of images and texts, and then randomly reorder the skeleton to abstract images.
Website Design

I extended those abstract elements to my website. Instead of building a perfect user-friendly website, I made my website not so straight forward. The idea is letting the audience browse the website as much as they can, and have the first “nonsensical” experience of cyberdada.
Pop-up Exhibition

This pop-up exhibition provides immersive experience to our audience. It moves from purely visual art works to interactive pieces and then to sound instruments & installations.

Each of them represents an unique aesthetic of cyberdada:

1. Engaging technology for non-intended purposes.

2. Messing up and misleading existing technology.

3. Using existing technology to create nonsensical inventions.
Interactive Prototype

This touchable screen is programmed into a drawing board. When it is connected to the laptop, the live stream of audiences’ doodles will be applied the same treatment as Cyberdada’s visual elements
Process Book
Experiment | Personal Project




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